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Best Golf Range Finders

Are you someone who is so much interested in playing the golf game, then this article is for you. Gone are the days when you have to search for a sprinkler head or a yard stone and pace off yardage from there and guessing where the pin is so as to calculate your golf range appropriately. In modern times, the first thing that most of the golfers do when they get their golf ball is to pull out their rangefinder and shoot the yardage to the pin. There are a number of popular range finders available in the online market these days and we are here to bring the best of them to your attention here along with their buying guide to help you choose the best fit golf range finder.

Criteria to choose the best Golf range finder:

1. Accuracy:

Accuracy is the number one requirement of a range finder and it is important for it to be spot on accurate. If the golfer wants a variability of 5 or 6 yards on each measurement, we will go for a GPS yardage finder that can also provide a map of the hole along with the yardages to the front and the back of the green. The reason why we are using a rangefinder is for pinpoint accuracy. The difference between a 55 yard and a 60-yard chip could be a tap-in birdie or a tough 15-foot downhill putt. It is also important to be sure that the yardage is accurate to the target that one selects. If the range finder accidentally picks up a tree behind the flagstick instead of the flag itself, the golfer may find themselves significantly over-clubbing.

2. Durability:

The average golfer will make use of the rangefinder 30 to 40 times per round and more on tough courses with a log of hazards and doglegs. The rangefinder will be taken in and out of the case, tossed around and left on the seat of the golf cart, mishandled, dropped again and rained on. It has to be built strong enough to take a beating and still crank out accurate yardages without blinking. With the price tags that start at as low as $100, it is possible to find a rangefinder that works summer after summer for many years.

3. Battery life:

A few things more frustrating than grabbing the rangefinder is to see the display going pretty dim.  When the battery indicator is flashing empty and when one has forgotten to take a backup, you are stuck either pacing off yardages for the rest of the round or annoying the partners in the play with request after request for them to shoot yardage for you. The CR2 batteries that a lot of these rangefinders use can get a little pricey. Some displays and features, that are as simple as battery life can either make or break a rangefinder. Thus it is important to choose a range finder that holds the battery for at least 30 -40 rounds.

4. Distance range:

The distance range of the golf range finder is the maximum distance that the device can shoot reliably. Some of the latest models claim to be able to shoot at least a thousand yards, but it is not realistic as their magnification is not strong enough for the golfer to see the target that far. A long rangefinder is worthless if you are not able to see the target from where you are. Be sure to choose a device that has enough magnification to see far away targets.

5. Ease of use:

Not all of the range finders are easy to use. Ideally, it is not possible to find a range finder that one can pick up, hit the button and hold it with one hand to have an exact distance to a flag or a hazard. A lot of rangefinders in modern times are more reliable and are straightforward to use.

6. Price:

The price range for the laser rangefinders tends to fall within the mid $100 to over $500 range with the sweet spot being around $250. The $150 range golf range finders on the market are pretty solid and functional while the more expensive one offers a number of additional features such as pin seeking tech, slope calculation and even 2D hole layouts.

7. Water proofing:

For those who are playing a lot of winter golf or in the rain, they have to make sure that the range finder can withstand the conditions that won’t lose the money when the first rain hits. Checking if the device is water proof or water resistant will make a huge difference in golf range finding.

8. Display technology:

Rangefinders have a very different display than the Golf GPS watches or handheld devices which is pretty important to consider before purchasing. Some of the higher end devices have slope settings, crosshairs, and some players a lot of information.

9. Storage and Looks:

Golf rangefinders are not cheap, and thus it is important that they come in a case that can handle a lot of wear and tear. Between being dropped and playing in inclimate weather and travelling it is important to make sure that the case will help in increasing the life of the rangefinder. Though all of the above mentioned functions are important for a rangefinder, choose a device that looks good and easily recognizable.

10. Slope measurement capabilities:

The golf rangefinders can not only tell the precise distance, but it can also tell if the shot is down or uphill, thanks to the slope settings of the device. Some of the models come with slope compensation features and are generally a bit pricier. They are also illegal to play with during tournament play to make sure that it is turned off for competitive events.

Top Best Golf range finders that we picked just for you:

1. Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder

This premium product presents an amazing feature set with jolt technology. Being the perfect combination of size, speed, accuracy and JOLT the Bushnell tour V4 ensures the maximum features to you. The laser technology used in this rangefinder provides short vibrating pulses to the golfer and indicates the correct indication of the laser lock to the flag. The pin seeker with the JOLT model helps to get on the green and make every flag hit an easy procedure. The golfer can adjust the focus in a speedy manner through the fast focus system of this product.

The great optic focus adjusting feature helps to ensure high clarity of the target and helps the accurate targeting. The Bushnell always provides the best distance calculations to the player with a yardage accuracy of +/- 1 yard.  The wonderful Bushnell golf app helps the user to unlock the hole layouts, 3D flyovers with distance and wireless course updates, etc. this rangefinder is very lightweight with only 6.6oz and 4” length. The LCD display provides the player with more clear visuals with a magnification factor of 5.the maximum range offered by this product is 5- 1000 yards with a ranging accuracy of 1 yard.

    2. Bushnell tour V4 shift (slope)

The modified version in the Bushnell V4 range of products is the v4 shift. It stands apart from the other laser range finders in the professional golf with its enhanced feature set. Along with the accuracy, speed and size features, this range finder is designed with the slope function technology, which helps the golfer to find the bottom of the cup. Without any legal issues, you can make use of the same in legal tournaments with its slope switch provision. One can operate the device in two modes by enabling and disabling the slope function with the toggling switch. The slope function calculates the incline or decline of the hole and gives us the tour trusted compensated distances. The laser technology helps to lock with the target accurately without missing any hits.


  • Lightweight and small size
  • Battery operated ( 3 volt lithium-CR-2)
  • Range:5-1000 yards
  • Multi-coated glass


  • No Bluetooth technology
  • Not waterproof


The buyer will be assured with a 2-year warranty for the defects in materials and workmanship from the date of purchase. They will repair or replace the product within this duration for any of the mentioned defects. The warranty is not included for misuse, installation or maintenance of the product.

  3. Callaway EZ Laser Rangefinder 2019

This product is a complete and easy to handle package. For the accurate flagstick measurements, the rangefinder is provided with the EZ button. By pushing the button one can scan the flag post and analyze the distance quickly. The horizontal design with external display makes it versatile.  You need not worry about the quick access and storage of the product while in play, as for tight grip and hold, the Magnahold technology is incorporated. (Integrated magnets will provide the grip). The shaking while targeting can be minimized with the premium built-in hand support strap. The sturdy moulded hard carrying case ensures the endurance and durability of the product. Multiple targets can be accessed with landscape scanning expertise.

The Pin acquisition Technology lock on to the pin-up to 275 yards away and the golfer can confirm the internal distance in the exterior display. With an elevated range of 5-800 yards and a zooming factor of 5, the user can easily achieve the target. As this range finder is water and fog-resistant type, one can use them in extreme weather conditions too with the utmost accuracy.

  4. TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

The VPRO500 is a laser range finder with an average distance measuring capacity of operates in a continuous scan mode with advanced Pin-Sensor technology. This technology always finds out the overlapping interventions and identifies the golf flags, hazards, wooded areas etc. separately. The fast measurements are assured with a maximum of 1-yard accuracy. The new smarter scan mode comes with quick multiple readings and zero adjustments in flags etc. Regarding the lenses, the high-grade multilayered lenses are used in this range finder.  The super clear lenses make the reading analysis easy and it displays the battery level in the battery meter and the distance on the screen. Hence enable the player to assess the measurements swiftly.

The whole package comes in lightweight inside a superior packaging pouch. The other inclusions in the package are CR2 battery, wrist strap, the microfiber cleaning cloth, the user manual, and the warranty card. Ensure the 2-year warranty and the full-length customer support with the online registration of the product after the purchase. We can enjoy carrying the range finder and measuring with it as it is very light in weight. The eco-friendly features like waterproof, dust resistance help a hassle-free usage of the product.

5. Gogogo Laser Rangefinder

All your hunting, golfing and other professional needs can be carried out through the Gogogo laser range finder. This is one of the most cost-effective rangefinders available in the market with a vast number of features. With the integration of the latest functions like angle range compensation, continuous range reading, Pin-seeking provides the highly accurate distance measurements. The player can analyze the flagpole locking with the vibrations send back to them after locking the flag pole. It can meet the needs of most golf players with a flag lock range of 150-250 yards and it offers a total measuring range of 5 to 650 yards. The thing to notice is that it provides this wide range with a +/- 1m accuracy. You will get a clearer and sharp image with a multicoated lens. The lens successfully eliminates the light reflection and encourages the transmission of light through it properly and target visuals will be very clear. In case of any quality issue reported, the buyer will get either a full refund or a product renewal offer. In addition to this, a 1-year warranty is also offered for these range finders.

FAQs for Best Golf Range Finders:

1. What is a rangefinder?

A rangefinder is a device that looks more like a binocular and is meant to be held up to one eye. They have a button on top that activates a later beam and shoots at the target. It also rebounds to the sensor beneath the eyepiece. It makes use of the laser sensor to determine how far it is to the target that one shoots, whether it is a tree bunker face, flagstick or whatever.

2. Are range finders allowed as per the rules of the golf?

Yes of course, If you are playing golf in a professional tournament or when you are trying to qualify for the US open. Even some professional tournaments will allow these gadgets via a local rule.

3. What are the key characteristics to look for in a range finder?

The rangefinder should excel and pick up a flagstick no matter what is behind it. A device that takes a long time to focus on the target will only frustrate the player and also slows down the game. It comes with a carrying case that protects it when it is not in use and clips on to the bag for easy storage.

4. Should I buy a rangefinder with slope calculation?

Slope calculations are not legal to use in either recreational golf or in tournament play. But just as playing partners used to have a gentlemen’s agreement that uses rangefinders was ok before the USGA legalized them. A number of amateur and recreational players choose to use the rangefinders with slope measurements anyway. Most of the slope enabled rangefinders to have a tournament mode so that they can be used for distance only measurements while playing in official events and when the playing partners don’t want to use slope measurements.

5. Should I use a laser rangefinder or a GPS unit?

This is ultimately up to you. Personally, we vote for a laser rangefinder as it renders extremely precise measurements to whatever the target the laser is been fired at. GPS models render few advantages such as overhead views of a hole, so as to make a good plan of the attack even if the shots are deceptive and blind.

What to look for in a golf rangefinder?

The golf range finder that is going to be your best fir comes with certain personal preferences such as price, performance and inherent features. All of the range finders will do the job of finding out the distance, but some will do it faster, some are more enjoyable to use and have features that are really nice to have and use. But there are a few questions to ask oneself before finding their best fit golf range finder and those are,

  • What is your budget pertaining to the golf range finder?
  • How long do you plan to have this?
  • Do you require a slope feature in your device?
  • Will you be using the device for tournaments?
  • Are the feel and the quality of the device more important than its cost?
  • Ease of use and functionality
  • Accuracy and the speed of obtaining readings
  • Cost of the unit

Weight all of these factors against each other and determine which golf range finder is important for you. Laser distance finders are preferred over the GPS units as of now and there is a very tight competition between the two. They tend to last longer than GPS, they are versatile and they are also more accurate.

Which is the Best Golf Rangefinder for You?

The best part of using a golf range finder is that it appeals to the skill levels of all types of players who share their passion to know. Knowing which one is for you, depends on a number of factors.

1. For novice players:

If you are only starting out to golf and for rangefinders then you will want a basic and an entry level unit, that will get you what you are looking for, for instance, the distance to the hole. There is no need for the device to hold every available feature at this point, as a novice it is important to learn the game and master the target acquisition first. Some of the best and cheap entry level rangefinders are Tec VPRO 500, Precision Golf NX7 Pro etc.

2. For intermediates:

Mid-level devices satisfy almost all of the needs of the golfers. You have basic measuring distance as well as a feature or two, say, slope compensation and a few more hundred yards to range out. The midlevel range finders are typically good in durability and in cutting through bad weather to still acquire a range. These are great for all types of players and are mid-priced. Out top pick range finders for intermediates are, Nikon COOLSHOT 20, GolfBuddy LR7, Nikon COOLSHOT Pro Stabilized, and Bushnell Pro X2.

3. For Professionals:

Professionals in the game want the best range finders and the cost of the unit can never deter them. Serious players enjoy having a pocket sized device that is full of features. It takes a lot of learning to comfortably get used to the device as it is equipped with much more than a standard unit. After mastering the learning process and have become accustomed to premium level rangefinders, then there is no looking back to the other devices. High tech golf rangefinders, however, cannot be used in tournaments. Shop those with interchangeable faceplates to change that illegal status to legal when it is much desired. Some of the best rangefinders for professional game players are, Bushnell Tour V4  and Leupold GX-5i3

Wrapping up:

The good news for all golf players and enthusiasts is that there are a lot of options when it comes to rangefinders, in almost all price points. For $200-250 it is possible to get the best range finder that will do the job of finding distances well. For $400-550 it is possible to get a device with convenient features, faster readings, and a package that a lot more enjoyable to use. We hope our recommendation and our guide will truly guide you in finding your ideal Golf range finder device.


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