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self cat cleaning litter box
self cat cleaning litter box

Best self-cleaning cat litter boxes

All of us love to keep pets and consider them as part of our own selves. But raising a pet is not as easy as it sounds, especially cats as they expect their owners to spend reasonable quality time with them. Apart from taking ownership of the pet, owners should also groom them, clean them and train them. The least thing, yet the most important one in owing a cat is about cleaning the litter box. Most of us keep the cat’s litter box delicately sealed at some places in the house but still have to clean them without neglecting it. Also, keeping the litter box of the pet is mandatory for both the pet’s health and for the health of everyone else in the family as well.

But leaning the box can be an awkward and unpleasant issue as there are can be foul odors emanating from the pet’s indoor potty. For all those who are tired of having to clean the litter boxes of the cat so often, there is a high tech solution waiting to solve the chore, yes it is the automatic self-cleaning cat litter boxes

Three major reasons why one should own an automatic cat litter box:

If you are someone who has never thought about owning an automatic cat litter box, there here are the top three reasons that might change your mind.

1.  Self-cleaning cat litter boxes save time:

Cats can be ideal pets for busy people as they’re highly independent and can handle being on their own for a long period of time. But for those who are slammed with work, coming home late or are travelling then cleaning their litter boxes will be the last thing on their mind. With the help of auto litter boxes, people are able to handle the mess and hassle easily helping them to save their valuable time every week. It is almost like set in and forget it, and is one of the best and the most ideal ways to keep the feline friend and the pet owner happy.

2. Enhances hygiene:

Having a box that cleans itself and also that a keep your cat clean as well will eliminate the need for the cat’s litter boxes once and for all. The electric litter boxes will not rely on one’s memory to work. There are available in models that are easy to set up and is also simple for the cat to use. They are extremely effective as they remove the waste, eliminate odor and prevent the cat from spreading germs and gook around the house on their paws. Also, you don’t have to worry about handling the feces, urine etc., which can challenge your own personal hygiene as well.

3. Helps a great deal in pampering the little furry friend:

Most of the pet parents have resorted to teaching their pets on how to use the actual toilet. But this experience can be very much frightening for most of the cats and can also be a frustrating process for most of the pet parents. It is good to keep in mind here that apart from the obvious challenges of potty training, the kitty will also have the natural instinct of burying their waste. And forcing the cat to use the potty can actually deprive them of their inherent instinct. Using the self-cleaning cat litter boxes is an ideal option and some of these best products come with auto-cleaning capabilities as well and can be extremely comfortable and cozy for the kitty. With time the cat will surely love their new found potty.

FAQs for Automatic cat litter boxes:

1. How does an automatic version of the cat litter box work?

Generally, the automatic little boxes feature a receptacle beneath or at one end of the box itself. A mechanical rake moves through the litter and sifts out the waste products, depositing it into the receptacle. Odors are contained in the receptacle until it is been emptied by you. The receptacle has an enclosure at the top to hold the contents.

2. what type of litter should I pick up for the self-cleaning box?

It is important to read the directions on the device as it specified what type of litter to use such as clumping crustal, non-tracking, etc. using the incorrect product might reduce the function of this self-cleaning box.

3. Where should I place the cat litter box in my home?

The ideal place to keep this box is low traffic and a low noise area at the home, where the cat regularly goes. Ensure that it is kept on a hard and sturdy surface and is made easy for the cat to reach it in multiple ways.

4. How to get the pet get used to the new fancy toilet?

One best way to get the animal get used to it is to keep a small amount of its waste from the old box into the new one, so as to familiarize it. You should leave the automatic litter box power off for the first couple of days until it starts to use it on its own. The cat will also take its time to get used to the noise of the mechanism that the box emits.

5. How to teach a little kitten to use the self-cleaning box?

Start teaching the little kitten around one month old to start using the automatic litter cleaning box. Show the kitty where the toilet is and follow the same steps as re-training an older cat how to use the new box. These pets get comfortable using their litter boxes when they are easily accessible and are in the area of a room where none sneaks up on them and surprise them.

Some important features to consider while choosing a self-cleaning cat litter boxes:

Self-cleaning litter boxes should have some important features, here is what to consider while choosing a litter box that would make cleaning up as easy as a cakewalk.

a. Size: The Automatic car litter boxes have plenty of space for the cat to move around. If you are sharing your home with more than one cat, then look for a litter box that is designed for multi-cat houses.

b. open and hooded boxes: The decision on whether to buy an open or hooded litter box should depend largely on which style the pet is comfortable with. Some cats prefer the privacy of a hooded box, while other feel safe using an open box. If the cat is used to one style, it is a good idea to stick to a similar design.

c. Ease of use: One of the most important considerations to make while choosing a self-cleaning litter box is the ease of use. Check for reviews online to find out if the other cat’s parents find the litter box is easy to clean and empty.

d. Automatic vs manual boxes: The self-cleaning boxes can either be manual or automatic. Automatic boxes run on electricity and are programmable and they are capable of scooping litter automatically into a waste bin when they are emptied. The manual self-cleaning litter boxes do not use a power source, but they are rolled or sifted to separate waste. While deciding on the best type of litter box to buy, it is important to consider the budget and the features that one requires.

e. Programmable: Some models of the automatic self-cleaning litter boxes can be programmed to clean, and this is a convenient feature to choose for pet parents who spend a lot of time outside the house.

f. Type of litter: Some of the cleaning litter boxes cannot be used with the regular cat litter so it’s important to read the manufacturer’s product information before making a purchase.

g. waste bin: A well designed and automatic self-cleaning litter box should have a removable waste bin that is capable of trapping odors and preventing spills. For the sake of convenience, we recommend a litter box with a large waste bin that won’t need to be emptied frequently. 

Some top rated self-cleaning cat litter boxes:

1. Pet Mate Arm and Hammer large sifting litter pan:

This kitty litter box includes two regular pans and a sifting pan to proving an efficient way to clean the cat’s litter box without requiring any scooping. This unit helps the pet parents to clean the litter fresher for longer. You only have to simply lift the sifter pan in order to separate the soiled and the clean litter. The reinforced bottom holds up to lifting heavier amounts. Its anti-microbial protection helps in preventing odor causing bacteria and stains.

It swiftly cleans up while the cat is done with its business and works best with a variety of waste management products. For more than 50 years, the pet mate has been passionate about the needs of the cats. They are pioneers in producing a number of ecofriendly products that the pets would love. The product has been treated with microban for built in antimicrobial product protection. It comes with one sifting pan and two regular pans. It absolutely requires no shaking or scooping around and it is constructed of durable plastic with a reinforced bottom.

2. Pet safe scoop free self-cleaning cat litter box tray:

This product absorbs urine and dehydrates all the solid waste to remove odors efficiently. It has exceptional and unbeatable odor control and its covered trap lock away solid waste and odor so that the pet parents never have to touch or see the smelly cat wastes. Its low tracking crystals do not stick to the feet of the cat and are 99% dust free. Its plastic tray lining creates a powerful extra barrier to render exceptional protection against leakage. It is easy and convenient to clean up without requiring any scooping. The user only has to simply remove the disposable litter tray and throw it away.

Pet safe brand has been a trusted global leader in pet behavior, lifestyle innovations, and containment for more than 30 years and has helped people to live happily with their pets thereafter. The pet safe self-cleaning litter box renders weeks of fresh and clean water whenever the cat needs it. It spends very little time maintaining the cat’s litter box and it ensures that people enjoy a lot of quality time with their cat and helps people live happily with their pets thereafter.

3. Petsafe scoopfree non clumping crystal cat litter boxes:

This self-cleaning cat litter box removes all waste automatically. It does not require any scooping, cleaning or refilling the cat’s litter boxes for weeks together. It ensures unbeatable odor control and the crystal litter box removes smell by absorbing urine and dehydrating solid waste. With this litter box, please can say no to messy floors and its low tracking crystals are 99% dust free and don’t stick on to the cat’s paws.

The scoop free self-cleaning litter box renders weeks of clean and fresh litter whenever the cat required it. Very less time is spent on maintaining the cat’s litter box, ensuring that the pet owner is able to enjoy quality moments with the cat. This works by a simple mechanism and it is possible to load the tray in one minute and the pet owner can leave the litter box to self-clean for weeks, they can also decide to lose the tray when it gets ready to replace.

4. Cat genie self-washing self-flushing cat box:

This automatic cat box flushes wastes away and washes very clean. It makes use of litter like washable granules and not clay litter to satisfy the needs of the cats to dig and cover. This unit is ideal for one or two and up to a maximum of three cats of average size who are up to six months or older. This unit requires to hook up to cold water and electrical outlet.

It also includes a recyclable Sani solution cartridge and one box of washable granules. This box is about 19.25 inches wide in the front and about 16 inches wide bottom back. It is also 24.5 inches deep making room for hoses and its water supply hose is about 8 feet long and its drain hose is about 10 feet long. With this unit, it is possible to get a bathroom for the pet that is more hygienic than the adult’s toilet. It flushes away waste and also washes clean. All that one requires is to touch a button to program the cleaning as per one’s schedule. The user never has to touch, smell, breathe or carry cat litter ever again.

5. Omega Paw self-cleaning litter box:

The new and improved roll and clean self-cleaning litter box features new and improved stronger looking clips, a stronger and a more durable sifting grate and an overall stronger plastic with the same great self-cleaning feature. It can be used as a simple roll and clean litter box all the way on to the top. The user can tap the bottom to release any clumps. The clean litter is then sifted to the sifting grating, while the waste is separated into the pull out tray. All the waste gets pulled out into the tray before it gets disposed of.

The roll and clean self-cleaning litter box use no liners, electricity and no filters. This product is self-cleaning, it is easy to sue and it cleans up in seconds. It is highly suitable for small to medium sized cats. When used as directed, this litterbox makes it easy to clean up the mess without clumping the litter in the mean course.

How to choose the best self-cleaning cat litter boxes?

Given that there are a number of brands and varieties of these self-cleaning boxes available in the market, the following are some of the important points that are to be kept in mind before investing in an automatic pet cleaning box.

1. Size Matters:

Think about how much space and room you have for the new litter box and where to keep it permanently for the pet to use it over and over again. For those living in a smaller apartment, it is important to choose something that is compact and smaller. Also, choose a box according to the size of the cat. Bigger cats will obviously require bigger boxes.

While buying the box, it is important to make sure that the cat is able to easily climb up and over it to use it. The stature of the kitten should be kept in mind before buying the litter box if the wall of the box is too high, then the cat may not use it at all. The general rule of thumb to choose the crate is as follows, the width of the box should at least be the length of the cat. Getting a smaller one will displease the cat as they do not like spaces that are too crammed.

2. working mechanism of the unit:

Though the automatic cat litter cleaning box has been designed to take the work load off you, there is still some effort required to dispose of the litter. Make sure to choose a self-cleaning box with a good price point that suits your budget. Understand the working mechanism of the box and most of the fully automated ones work best for most of the pet owners.

3. power source of the device:

Some of the automatic electric cat litter boxes need them to plug into an electric source. So make sure to put the unit close to the electric power points.

Where to place the box?

The best and the most optimal place to keep the box enhances its functionality and its usability. Place it in some part of the house where the cat can find it easily. And make sure that there is enough room for the pet to use it.

Choose a safe and quiet environment for the cat to do her business. There are all chances for the cat to shy away from the box if it is not placed in a safe and quiet environment. All the cats have different behavior and some of them are afraid of loud noises. So if you want to place the box in the laundry area, keep it away from the washing machine.

If you are lucky to have a private and spacious garden, then it could be an ideal place to keep the self-cleaning cat litter box near the porch. This will also give plenty of room for the pet. Do not keep the litter box in a bedroom upstairs as it is not possible for very young or old cats to climb up the stairs to relieve themselves. Also, do not force the cat to climb up the stairs to use the litter box. The basements of the house are quiet and private enough but they are usually dark and damp. This can lead to bacteria breeding in the cat’s litter box.

Getting the litter box for the cats is certainly a good long term investment. The self-cleaning litter boxes are great, budget friendly and the cats would generally love them.

Final words:

Your well pampered kittle will act as a cute little queen, and she does deserve a clean and luxurious throne. She deserves to relive herself as nature intended in a stylish, private and state of the art console that will also fit subtly into your home décor.

We hope our buying recommendations and our product guide helps you in making up your mind about the type of self-cleaning cat litter boxes for your pet that will best suit your needs. Personally, we would recommend almost all of these waste cleaning receptacles and it is up to our readers to choose the best product of the whole lot that would best suit their needs. It is absolutely in your hands to choose the perfect scoop less solution to deal with the pet’s natural needs without involving any smell, mess and hassles.


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