Best Towel Warmers Reviews in 2020 which Warms your Bathrooms


Top Best Towel warmers

We can hear your mind voice, yes we agree that towel warmers are luxury items. You may not be wanting to spend your money on something that is going to come to use very rarely. We also agree that you don’t need a towel warmer, but you will definitely want one. Especially if you are someone who is afraid of the cold and resist to leave the hot shower to experience the cold bathroom air. A toasted towel could be just what you need after relaxing yourself in the warm shower. You may find these towel warmers as a luxury, but during cold winter days, you would find it to an utmost necessity.

The towel warmers are available in two major configurations, the rack, and the canister. For those who live in an apartment and the landlord resists drilling to mount brackets in his tiled bathroom walls, then they may have to try the freestanding units. Some of the towel warming racks also come in mountable versions, for instance, Amba. With any warmer, be it rack or canister, one needs to be very careful, as they can burn themselves and the parts that contact the towel are of metal. Read through our guide to help you enjoy towel warmers with utmost safety.

Points to consider before choosing to buy a towel warmer – Buying Guide

For comfortable and warm towels throughout the day, towel warmers have become mandatory for every bathroom. If you’re planning to purchase a towel warmer, here is the buying guide for the top best towel warmer.

  • Types of towels to warm

Before opting to purchase a towel warmer, the type of towel for warming is considered. For ones using slip-prone towels, picking warmers accordingly is mandatory. It is equally important to make a check that the warmers do not make marks on towels. The key reason behind is that warmers come in a variety of packs. Purchasing the most reliable pack that satisfies all towel needs is perfect.

  • Quality and durability

Determining the quality and durability depends on the manufacturing material of the towel warmer. There are expensive towel warmers satisfying various towel warming needs and cheap ones too. Picking the best depends on the user. The metal hangers present in these warmers may be durable and at times deform when heavy towels drape on them.

  • Design and style

While purchasing a towel warmer the design and style is an important parameter to consider. It is always a good choice to opt for attention-grabbing and elegant warmers. There are a variety of colours and shapes of towel warmers that sync with the interiors. Going for unique and best ones is the smart way. By opting for a unique piece a classy and touch feeling is possible in the bathroom. Ideal design and style are perfect as it makes your bathroom presentable.

  • Bathroom space

The space of the bathroom is an important parameter to note prior to purchasing a towel warmer. Certain towel warmers consume additional space and warm only a few towels. It is always a perfect choice to opt for a multi-purpose towel warmer has a facility for hanging several items at once. A more smart way is to measure the closet and find out if it fits the bathroom. Hence picking a perfect size of warmer for the bathroom is imperative.

  • Portability

For individuals who keep shifting from one place to the other is to look forward to a portable towel warmer. The best facet of portable models is that there is no need for fixing. Pick warmers that fit in a suitcase and carried easily.

  • Price

Being a one-time investment, more consideration is necessary for purchasing the best towel warmer. Hence a good quality towel warmer with more number of positive reviews is the best idea to pick the right one. Price fixing is by considering the material used, durability, quality, style etc.

  • Electric Vs. Hydronic

Towel warmers fall under two categories electric and hydronic. While choosing an electric towel warmer, the filament heating is by direct electricity or by means of circulating current in the rails whereas, circulation of hot water is the phenomenon in hydronic towel warmers. It is good to compare and find the efficiencies of both types. For a hydronic model, specific arrangement along with set up is needed. While opting for electric pattern a wired type or plugin is utilised and such specific arrangement to the main circuit is made.

  • Installation & mounting

The type of installation and mounting for towel warmers is the next mandatory aspect to be thought of. There are floor mounting, cabinet types, wall mounting, and free-standing types of towel warmers. For floor and wall mounting certain type of mounting or assembly is mandatory. Cabinet type and freestanding are just plug and play devices. Make a note that one-time installation according to the space is important when it comes to floor and wall mount type.

While installing the mounted towel warmers the walls and floors are to be considered too. This type is also not a space-saving option. The cabinet and free standing types possess options to move in and out of the bathroom.

  • Auto shut off and timer

This option is definitely mandatory for homes with pets and kids. Looking for safety features in buying towel warmers is necessary. Towel warmers are never a danger to home, but analysing safety features is good. Auto shut off and scheduling features are available in most towel warmers. These options do not permit the warmers to overheat after a certain temperature which is the safety optimum temperature though the device is not off. There are advanced scheduling and timer features also available with towel warmers. These features ensure the product is safe even with kids around. Also, the fabrics are guarded against additional heat.

  • Storage options

The size and storage of towel warmer is another obvious specification need to look at. Look for the number of face towels, bathrobes, or full-sized towels the warmer is able to accommodate. While picking rail type towel warmers, the dimension, design and number of rails offer an idea of the number of towels it accommodates. In the case of cabin type warmers, the volume needs to be accessed to know the storage options. A smart way is to look for a spacious and compact design for better-storing options.

Towel warmers are mandatory in our lives for fresh, warm and dry towels each day. Picking the right towel warmer by considering the above tips is a smart way. The price, durability, space and quality are mandatory features to look for. The perfect towel warmer that fits your needs is always a good choice irrespective of price options. It is always a smart way to pick the right towel warmer that fits perfectly in your home and one you can afford easily.

Some best towel warmers:

1. Zadro Ultra Large Bath Towel Warmer

The Zadro ultra-large towel warmer offers you a complete solution to all the cold spots on your towels and blankets. Get ready to enjoy the spa treatment with this oversized bucket-style warmer. Whether it is a frosty morning or a frigid night, you can wrap around yourself with the warm towel instantaneously with the help of this towel warmer.  With the slight touch of natural bamboo accents on the pure white finish, the product appears very trendy. You can accommodate the warmer with any of your favourite blanket, towels or ropes.

At a time one can fill in 40’’x 70’’ sized two bath towels in it. It needs to wait till the process is done; the warmer is featured with the auto shut off facility. We can operate it on different durations according to the thickness of the cloth-like 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. The slim design of the product helps you to store them under the bathroom countertop or in the closet when not in use. But you cant use them for outdoor purposes as it is not recommended.


  • Evenly heats the entire towel
  • Built-in cord storage to maintain the extra length cord clean
  • Polarized plug for increased safety
  • 1-year warranty
  • Electric heating

2. ForPro Premium Hot Towel Warmer

This product will best suit for them who are not at all ready to compromise the hygiene aspects. For pro premium towel warmer heats up to 180°F for about 30 minutes and after that use, the UV sterilizer to make it more hygienic and the towels will look clean and fresh. They can be est used in hospitals and hotel rooms where the frequent towel warming is required. Another outstanding feature of this product is the two-layered stainless steel grill structure inside, which can accommodate a number of towels at a stretch.  At a time you can dry out nearly 24 facial-sized towels which make them highly compatible with spas and salons.

No need to worry about the water leakage problems as it is equipped with a water storage tray under the steel racks which will collect the wastewater. For best results one can follow up it in this way:  wet the towel with warm water and remove the excess water before placing it in the warmer.try to keep the warmer empty at the end of the day by removing unused cloths and the water on the tray. The operation is so simple that even a child can operate the warmer with the help of an on-off button.


  • UV sterilizer
  • Well insulated cabinet
  • Heats up to 180°F

3. AW 46L 2in 1 Electric Dual Cabinet UV light Sterilizer 

If you are looking for a high capacity towel warmer, the AW 46 L, 2 in 1 electric warmer will be the best option for you. The holding capacity of 100-110 towels at a time makes them the most utility warmer in the price range. You can orderly arrange the towels within the storage space of two cabinets. Each cabinet is operational with the two stainless steel racks with effective space utilization. You can dry out both the traditional cotton towels and disposable towels in the warmer. The thorough sterilization with the effective UV treatment makes it highly safe and germ-free keeping them always hygienic. The better wand prolonged warmth condition is provided inside the cabinet with the help of the aluminum inner lining of the chamber. One can fit this product effectively in commercial and private usage; making them highly multifunctional.


  • No assembly required
  • Upper and lower shelves to accommodate larger cloths
  • CE approved sterilization techniques
  • Removable water tray
  • The user manual is included for easy operations

4. Pollenex Towel Warmer

Everyone wishes to have the luxury of warmth especially in the cold season and if you are searching for the compact towel warmer for your nuclear family, the Pollenex towel warmer will suit you the most. The quick warming technology make s the towels warm within minutes while you bath or use the spa. The compact and portable design allows you with the freedom of using it anywhere of your choice. You can even carry then with you on your flight trips, at the beach outings, the swimming pools and to the hotels. Within 20 minutes, you can get your towels and cloths warm and toasty. The equipment is kids friendly with the automatic shut off feature.


  • Extra-large design for 2 large towels
  • Quick functioning
  • Lightweight with portable design
  • Fits into any standard power outlet
  • 6 feet long power cords
  • Keeps away the musky smell
  • High-end safety with mechanical switch off

5. Brandon Basics Wall Mounted towel warmer

If you are struggling with space in your washroom and you can’t spare your towel warmer, for this reason, look for the best wall mounted thermal warmers. In this range, we can find the attractive Brandon basics wall mounted electric towel warmer with a lot of fantastic features. This is the only towel warmer available in the market with led light with an automated time calculator in it. It will automatically switch off after the set time period of 1 or 2 hrs and you will get your warm towels fresh and clean.

Within the 4 leg support on the wall, it hides all the electrical connections giving a shiny and modern look to the warmer with hassle-free power connections. With the inclusion of both hardwired and plug-in options, the user is able to accommodate then in their washroom according to the available facilities. The 12 stainless steel bars of 190-watt power enables the super drying option and the quick removal of the microorganisms from the towel. Without much wastage of water and space, you can easily occupy your bathrooms with these wall mountable towel warmers.


  • Lightweight with 13 pounds
  • Extra garment hooks are provided
  • Compact wall-mountable design
  • Led indicator
  • Hidden power leg
  • Two install options

6. Amba RHW-SP radiant hand wired towel warmer:

This is a wall mounted Amba towel rack that is ideal for heat dispersion and is used for warming up the towels and the robes. Its horizontal bars heat up to allow for greater warmth distribution and the vertical bars are used to heat up the bathrobes efficiently. Users have to be careful while retrieving the garments as this produce does not have a safety shut off that starts the cooling process. The bars are hot until you switch off the warmer. The advantage of this warmer is that there is no chance of the towels getting cooled down while you are still in the shower.

The unit loos sleek and it is big enough to hold one big towel or a couple of smaller ones. Its numerous racks enable the user to stagger and stack clothing items and also make them easy for grabbing. It would be nice if the product has an auto shut off system for safety. It works efficiently as a heating tool and helps in drying up towels, robes, and clothes.


  • Wall mounted towel rack
  • Horizontal and vertical bars
  • Towels stay warm for a long time
  • Features auto shut off for safety

FAQs for Tower warmers:

1. How long does it take to dry a towel?

The time that a towel warmer takes to dry a towel depends on a few factors. The first is the wattage of the warmer as this controls how quickly the heater can heat up and how warm it can get. It also depends on the type of warmers you are using. Even the best of warmers will not work properly if they are overfilled and if the towels are not played correctly on the bars. In general, you can expect a warm towel in 30 minutes, a hot towel in 60 minutes and a completely dry and warm towel in 90 minutes.

2. should the warmer be left on or off?

It depends on the type of warmer you use; some have the option of leaving it on at all times. This is true in the case of wall mounted bar heaters. Leaving the heater on will also heat the room and thus the electricity doesn’t go waste. But still, it is not a good idea to use it for a while and always try to switch it off when not in use.

3. what else can the tower warmer be used for?

Apart from warming towels, you can use it to warm blankets, winter wear, robes, socks, wet clothes and heating the room.

4. Is it safe to use a towel warmer?

When it comes to dealing with extremely hot temperatures, especially on the exposed bars, it is always a danger. These towel warmers can get incredibly hot and if you accidently brush up against them, and it can actually result in some serious pain.

5. Should we use the towel warmer only in the bathroom?

Towel warmers and rails can also be used in other places other than the bath areas. Some of them act as space heaters as well and can be used in saunas, spas, kitchens and in other rooms that might require additional heat.

Three key things to look for in your towel warmer:

1. Style:

There are many different styles of towel warmers available in the market. The rack style options are indeed excellent for large bath size towels, whereas the cabinet style versions are the best for hand towels and wash clothes. Some rack style warmers render the advantage of being wall mounted and they also free up the floor space. There are also barrel shape warmers that can be used to hold slippers, robes and a lot more.

2. Capacity:

You have to choose your towel warmer based on how many towels to heat and whether you wish to have a rack or a cabinet style warmer. There are both larger and smaller units to choose from and you will choose based on your space availability and energy usage. Small warmer occupies less space and consumes less energy, but these may not be ideal for a large family.


Some towel warmers also offer sterilization in the form of UV light. If you are concerned about bacteria and germs, then this additional feature may be a good option to consider. This is of special concern to businesses such as massage therapists, nail salons, beauty parlors, etc., who wish to keep looking to keep germs away. In general, a towel warmer without sterilization will assist in minimizing the favorable conditions for the growth of bacteria by helping the towels to dry faster and more completely.


There can’t be a better feeling than to hop out of the shower and wrap yourself in a nice and warm towel. Towel warmers are great and exceptional tools to keep the body warm and to render a bacteria free garment to toss after a bath. When it comes to towel warmers, there is a wide array of products that are available in the market. We hope our guide and our product reviews help you in choosing the best towel warmer for all your needs.


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